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New NOVASOL API documentation
Posted by John Adams on 05 December 2019 01:59 PM

Dear Partner,

Over the last weeks we have been working on improvements for our API, therefore we kindly ask you to review the new API documentation that can be found here:

The main improvements are:

1: Pricerules - we have implemented our

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Important information NOVASOL API
Posted by John Adams on 07 October 2019 06:53 AM

Dear Partner,

From 01.11.2019 it will no longer be possible to reach the NOVASOL API through

Instead you can reach the NOVASOL API through

You can already today replace with

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New feature at the NOVASOL API
Posted by John Adams on 19 August 2019 08:27 AM

Dear Partner,

Since mid-last week, we have started to share the legal LIC reference by the API instead though the CSV file each Tuesday.

You will find the LIC ref, at feature <group>070</group> with Sub LIC

Here an example:
House ID EAN126 

<salesMarket code="999">

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Concept codes season 2020
Posted by John Adams on 02 August 2019 01:56 PM

Dear Partner,

Our concept codes for season 2020 are now ready to be downloaded.

As always you will find them here:

At column "I" you can see what has changed compared to season 2019 or been added. 

In case of any question please feel free to reach out to

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Important information season 2020 batch data
Posted by John Adams on 11 July 2019 12:40 PM

Dear Partner,


As you may already have noticed then we unfortunately had some outages over the last couple of days.
We are sorry for this, as we was trying to solve some bugs on our API. As you may also have noticed then our API batch data has a prolonged response time.

This only effect season 2020 batch´s and not season 2019 season batch data. We are however not able to lower the response time asap,
what means that we kindly ask you be

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Season 2020 News
Posted by John Adams on 27 June 2019 06:33 AM

Dear Partner,

Update on new season:

We have now following countries open for season 2020 bookings







Concept codes:

2019 concept codes can be used for season 2020 for now, we expect to have new updated concept codes for season 2020 by end august. 

Terms of rentals

New Danish terms can now be found here: 

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