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NOVASOL concept codes 2018
Posted by John Adams on 18 July 2017 02:14 PM
Dear Partner

The first file with price concept codes are now available here:

As soon more countries will be open for sales in Season 2018 the concept codes will follow.

Please let us know if you have any question´s

Have a nice day
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Posted by John Adams on 18 July 2017 07:34 AM

Dear Partner

Important information regards NOVASOL API.

1: High resolution pictures!

From today, it  will be possible to import high resolution pictures from the NOVASOL API - This for all brands and product´s

All pictures are now available in 2048 Pixel , to collect does just exchange 1028 (or other used format) with 2048 at the URL.

2: New season – France is now also open bookable!

From today of we are open bookable in:






Spain (some areas)

Other countries will follow shortly – info will follow.

Price concept will follow shortly as well


3: Terms of rentals 2018

Terms of rentals for 2018 can be collected here:

Few languages are still missing and will be added shortly – info will follow

Should you have any question´s please do not hesitate to contact us.


Have a lovely day and a lovely summer.

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NOVASOL - New optional arrival code Italy
Posted by John Adams on 16 May 2017 01:43 PM

Dear Partner´s

Due to the fact that our customer want´s to be able to travel on different dates. We have today started to offer some vacation homes in Italy with optional arrival.
Currently a small packets of vacation home´s have this code, but shortly a lot more will be added. Therefore please make sure that the new codes are in place in you system

You can as always find the newest version of the concept´s here:

Have a nice day

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NOVSOL News - season 2018
Posted by John Adams on 29 March 2017 08:53 AM

Dear Partner,

Great news – Season 2018 ready to book!

This means that you are now able to offer vacation rentals in following countries

Denmark (Both NOVASOL & dansommer)




Mallorca (Spain will follow)

The prices and what ID´s that can be booked will be showed at the normal import of season 2018.

Concept´s – optional arrival, minivacation etc.

The rules that are in place for 2017 are the same that should be considered for 2018 season.

Only exception is that dansommer do not offer any flexible arrival in season 2018, meaning that dansommer inventory only can be booked for weekly stays based on the normal  <switchDay> given at the XML.

(Please note new concept sheet has been uploarded to the, with few changes – they will be marked at the overview)


Payment terms & NOVASOL terms of rentals.

1: Rate that the customer has to pay is now not longer 25 % of the rental, but instead 50 € This is a special offer only for the "ealy book 2018" and will be changed back to normal later.

Terms of rentals – they will follow later – estimated June 2017, until then the 2017 versions can be used.

Should you have any qustion´s please create a ticket at

Kind regards NOVASOL A/S

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NOVASOL concept codes 22.02.2017
Posted by John Adams on 22 February 2017 12:26 PM

Dear Partner,


We have made some smaller changes to some of our concept codes.

Please find the newest version of concept at

 The new concept codes are:

Code:                                    Country               

OAC                                       Bulgaria

MIKR                                     Croatia

MIKR1                                   Croatia

MIKR2                                   Croatia

MIKR3                                   Croatia


Kind regards NOVASOL

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