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Concept codes - Christmas and New-year & Rental terms 2017
Posted by John Adams on 07 September 2016 01:41 PM

Dear partner,


Concept rules

Hereby a update version of the concept sheet.

At the latest update a mistake was made, and serveral of concept codes for France, Denmark, Holland and Belgium was copied in twice.

You will find the new updated version as usual at the section download - 


Christmas & New-year

Arrival 24.12 & 31.12 is now also possible in

Holland, Belgium & Luxemburg.

Arrival is therefore possible 24.12 & 31.12 in:

Denmark, Austria, Croatia & Czech and above.


Rental terms

Our rental terms are now ready for 2017 season, please find below the URL´s for the season 2017 version.



  • Dansommer




  • Dansommer




  • Dansommer









Finnish salesmarket


.us =

Other markets = English

Our rental terms for & are very soon ready and will be published soon.


With kind regards NOVASOL

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Concepts rules NOVASOL season 2017
Posted by John Adams on 22 August 2016 01:23 PM

Dear Partner,

Our concepts rules for 2017 are now ready to be downloaded.

You will find the newest version of our concept rules for 2017 here:
Title: Concepts season 2017 Vers 2. 22.08.2016

At column "I" you will find info about each concept, in case they have been changed since 2016 or a new concept have been added.

In case you have any questions please feel free to create a ticket at

Kind regards NOVASOL & dansommer

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News from NOVASOL partner Support!
Posted by John Adams on 05 August 2016 08:19 AM

Dear Partner,


News from NOVASOL partner Support!


1: Dynamic pricing
As informed 20.06.2016 then NOVASOL will introduce Dynamic prices.

This will now go live, and will be available at the feed 11.08.2016. You can read more about the dynamic prices here.  

Should you have questions related to dynamic prices please send us an ticket though


2: Season 2017

Current we are live with season 2017 at following countries:
BE, DK, FI, FR, NL, IT, HR, L, NO, PT, CH, SK, ES, SE, CZ, DE, AT.

The rest of the countries will follow shortly and also listing will be added each week to each country that already are open.


3: Concept codes 2017

Concept codes for all countries will be available from 19.08.2016

Until then concept codes for 2017 are only been created for DK, BE, FR, NL – what can be seen here:


4: Optional cleaning cost product Denmark

For a small number of listings in Denmark, optional cleaning can be ordered but the price was not included in the feed.

This is now changed, what mean that the price can be displayed online at you site. However the cleaning can not be added with the booking request into the NOVASOL system,  but needs to be informed either by the partner or the guest direct to NOVASOL and NOVASOL will add this on the booking, after the booking is created. This is only a service for our partners as they until now not have been aware of the price and if it could be ordered.
At the moment its placed on few listings for season 2017, and will soon be at estimated 600 listing for 2016 season and 2017 season.


Ex: G3004



                <salesMarket code="999">

                    <![CDATA[Cleaning can be purchased]]>




            <unit size="1073">

                <code salesMarket="999">DKK</code>


NB: the price will always be stated in DKK not mater what ISO code is used.


In case of any questions please let us know.


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Concepts Codes rules 2017
Posted by John Adams on 14 June 2016 02:20 PM

Dear Partner  

We are now ready with the concept rules fore 2017 season, for the countries Denmark, France, Holland & Belgium

This can be found here:

At the last column you will find info, in case a new concept have been added or a current have been changed.

If any questions please create a ticket trough our system

Kind regards
NOVASOL & dansommer


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New Concepts & Price rules
Posted by John Adams on 23 February 2016 02:52 PM

Dear Partners, We hereby inform you about some new price concepts and rules for the coming Christmas & New-Year.

Concept Rules:

As we always search more and more flexibility at our inventory, we have changed some rules for Norway, Spain and France. The concepts that is effected are marked with Red at our new datasheet what now can be downloaded now at

Christmas and New-Year.

Arrival & Check out rules for: Denmark, Austria, Croatia & Czech, here arrival is allowed to take place 24.12 & 31.12 At all other countries arrivals are not allowed at this two dates. Check out is allowed the dates: 24.12 and 31.12.2016 for all countries.

Optional arrival: All NOVASOL and dansommer inventory allows optional arrival during the Christmas and New-year Season. This means that all houses can be booked with minimum stay of 7 nights. Check in must take place between 10.12 – 31.12.2016 Check out must take place between 10.12.2016 – 07.01.2017 All normal rules where arrival and check out applies as normal and is not a part of above rules. ex: mini-vacation, daily-prices where its have been documented as allowed at the concept overview.

New Season prices for inventory in Denmark:
In Denmark we have made a change of the season prices for the week 52 (24.12. – 31.12.2016)

If bookings are made with arrival any date between 24.12 – 31.12 then the price will be next week season prices.

In Denmark we have two different season periods for this week:

Ex: 1: D01123 normal season period: E-Season will instead be C –Season price.

Ex: 2: P42036 normal season period: C-Season will instead be B –Season price.

The price from the XML feed will not be changed and therefore above rule needs to be handle internal at the partner. At the XML the season price will apply as E and C season but where the correct price will be C and B price.

Please note that by this change, the week 52 and week 1 will have the same season price.

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